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Our Process

Delivering Excellence

Our Building Process

We are here to help and make your building journey stress-free and fun. We take the time to listen and understand your design and lifestyle. We cant wait to share your design and built journey with you.

1. Ideas Into Design

It all starts with a dream, and we can make your dream a reality. Our experienced design team will help you develop and transform those ideas onto paper. It’s easier than you think, our ready to build floor plans can be a great place to start for inspiration.

2. Concept Design & Pricing

Your building journey begins as we get to know you and discuss your design brief. We will present you with a concept design that includes plans, realistic artist impressions and cost estimates that are tailored to you. We may meet various times and make any necessary revisions to ensure you’re completely happy.

3. Full Contract Build

Working with you, our team of designers and quantity surveyors we will formalise a Build Contract. With acceptance you will be brought peace of mind as we are big on communication and keeping you informed throughout the process. If you do make changes, variations will be well managed by our experienced team to ensure there are no unexpected surprises at the end.

4. Design Consultant

To keep things moving and fun while your plans are in council, you will meet with our design consultant. This is when you select the and finalise materials, colours, finishes, and those interior design details.

5. Build

Your build is fully managed by us and is great hands of our highly skilled team of professional builders. You can join our team with regular site meetings and watch your dream become a reality.

6. Completion

Upon completion your home will be professionally cleaned, a thorough quality check as well as walk through and the final Council inspection. It’s time to celebrate as we hand you the keys to your beautiful new home and you live the dream.